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You can use this lookup to search RadioQTH's database of call signs. The data is a day or two behind the FCC's data so some calls might have been assigned and yet still show as inactive or not show up here at all. For the latest up-to-date information you can search the FCC's live data by clicking here. For the RadioQTH lookup below, once the results come back you can click on the call sign and get a detailed listing of the call holder's license data. While the call holder's data is showing you can click on the License ID field and get a history of that specific call holder's license.

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Operator Information for NB9O
License Holder:Call Data:
Bebout, Nicholas E
PO Box 237
Mount Vernon, IN 47620
Call Sign:NB9O
Call Status:Canceled
Prev. Call Sign:K9NEB
Last Action:03/31/2012  
Radio Service:HV - VanityOperator Class:Amateur Extra