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How To File For a Vanity Call Sign
Things to Watch For (cautions)
CW Call Weights
Amateur Radio Phonetic Alphabet
Amateur Radio Morse Code Definition
Amateur Radio "Q" Code Definition
CW Operating Manual
Dipole Antenna Length
License Certificate Creator
FCC License Copy Certificate
Ham Lookup by Zip Code
UTC Time Conversion
Sequential Call System
Callsign/Data Removal From Website

FCC Links


FCC - Amateur Call Sign Systems
FCC - CORES Registration System
FCC - ULS Online Systems
FCC - How to use the ULS to file a vanity application
FCC - Request Types: by List and FAQ's (Primary Station)
FCC - Request Types: by Former Holder and FAQ's (Primary Station)
FCC - Request Types: by Close Relative of Former Holder Now Deceased and FAQ's (Primary Station)
FCC - Request Types: By Former Holder (Club Station)
FCC - Request Types: In Memoriam (Club Station)
FCC - Support: Online Help Request

Vanity Related Links


Choosing Your Ideal Vanity Call Sign by Anthony A. Luscre (K8ZT)
W5YI Group - Will Get Your Vanity Call For You

Other Amateur Radio Links


ARRL: US Amateur Frequency Allocations
FISTS: The International Morse Preservation Society
Communication Across the Nation - The History of the Telegraph