Amateur Radio New Hams

This New Ham Query will return the issued amateur radio call signs which have been granted in the last month. These are new hams or hams who received a sequential call sign as the result of an upgrade and do not have any previously assigned call. You can sort them by call sign, name or zip code and can limit the search to a specific zip code area. To limit your results, enter a zip code or partial zip code.

NOTE: When saving to the Excel format the data will be returned with a .xls file extension. This allows you to open the file in Excel. However, the file is actually formatted internally as an html file or web page. Excel will easily convert this to the Excel format which you can then save as such. This makes it much easier for me to give you an Excel file than trying to format the data as an actual Excel file. At any rate, because the file is actually html and not xls when you try to open it in Excel you will get a message indicating that the file format does not match the extension. Just indicate that you want to go ahead and open the file and it will do so without any issues.

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