Call Sign Validation

This page doesn't check whether a call sign is available or not. Its purpose is to simply make sure that when you apply for a vanity call sign that the call sign is a valid call sign to be used on a vanity application. If the call sign is valid it will be shown as being in one of the four valid groups: A, B, C or D. If the call sign is not properly formatted this page will indicate that. If it is properly formatted but is an unavailable call sign then it will show that with the rule the call is in violation of.

When a valid call sign is provided then the page will show what group it is a member of and also the region it belongs to. The states assigned to a particular region will also be shown.

Note: If you live in regions 1 through 10 you are allowed to apply for any call sign belonging to regions 1 through 10. If you want to apply for a call sign that is in regions 11 through 13 then in order to be successful you would need to actually live in the associated state authorized for that call sign. In other words, if you don't live in region 11 you can't apply for a call sign in region 11 and be successful in getting it.
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